The tree grows better in its place of origin


Once upon a time there was a man who had a dream. He wanted to create something that would help everyone in the World regardless of their limitations. He worked extremely hard to develop this thing, to create it and to show it to the World. In founding this thing he was happy that he could positively influence people’s lives. He planted this thing like a seed which grew into a sapling and with the help of a group of nine other carers who supported him in his dream because they wanted to help him to spread the seed to as many possible countries in the World. It was not an easy task as the sapling was growing in extreme conditions facing strong winds and wild animals that tried to break the branches or eat its fruits. However, the seed was so great that the sapling started receiving a lot of care from many others.
With time the tree became massive with a broad trunk and innumerable branches right in the middle of the dry land where it was planted. It provided shelter and comfort to many travelers and provided shade in times of exhaustion as well as food for anyone who needed it. In spite of the obstacles the tree grew strong and larger with over 100 branches and millions of leaves reaching to even the most distant corners of the world. There were still some worms and insects that continued to attack the tree but nothing could stop the growth and expansion of the roots and branches. The founder was happy and tirelessly cultivated the tree knowing that he must strengthen the roots of the tree as his time was limited.

Finally, his time had come and the founder of the tree passed away. The tree suddenly became a point of interest for many who not only wanted to eat its fruits to fulfill their hunger but also to show that they controlled and owned it. So now there was no fruit left to feed the poor as it had been taken and planted elsewhere or used as merchandise to raise funds. Some of the newly planted fruit grew into even taller and straighter trees than the original. Some only grew small but possessed vigor to fight and overcome other trees growing on their plot. Now the whole forest of trees thrived and the old tree that now appeared ugly and whose branches were badly twisted and crooked, was lost amongst them. The founder looking down from heaven was sad seeing that his life’s effort was disappearing. The new trees that were tended differently by others, were becoming different types of trees. Moreover, it appeared that the new trees that claimed to be of the same origin, had evolved into new species.

Years passed and the environment changed. Global warming, climate change, as well as a desire for new and modern items that would incorporate wood, metals and plastic together necessitated a search for attractive wood.
One day, a woodcutter came to the forest and looked at the trees, He said “these are lovely trees and will be great for our use in our factory. We can remodel them, mix with other materials, dress them in a modern style and change their applications”. Chop chop chop went the woodcutter‘s axe cutting all the beautiful trees one by one. But when he saw the old crooked tree he thought for a moment and decided that the crooked tree would be useless to him. “I cannot make long straight logs of this ugly tree, or even remodel it.” And he moved to take another beautiful tree. Then all trees were cut and the only tree left was the old original crooked tree. Now that it was free of the weeds and competition for light and water and had access to the nutrients from the soil of its homeland garden it again began spreading its branches and roots. The tree was rejuvenated with its green leaves and branches reaching for the sky. Once again it became a nesting place for birds and a shelter for travelers, who started coming from all corners of the world to the homeland garden to care for the reinvigorated tree.

It’s true to say that the seeds of the tree may grow well in other places, but the true roots of the tree are where it was first planted and to ensure the continuing purity of the tree the original plant must be cared for in its home soil.