Sanshinkan Karate International


Karate, an old Japanese martial art has become popular all over the word with a rising interest in the art form. Introduced as an art of self defense in Japan, karate has gradually emerged as a sport all over the world. A number of organizations and institutions have come up providing guidance and training to young people in this art form. Karate has emerged as a way of life creating a group of young vibrant people trained in the way of this style. With the learning of the art form, the second most essentials are the specific martial art products. With the proper material, uniform and accessories, karate becomes a complete learning experience.

Karate was introduced in a small village named Okinawa in Japan as a self defense technique produced by combining the native art form “te†and the borrowed art form “quan faâ€. Today, famous as a sport all over the word karate is known for its punches, knee and elbow strikes, kicks, knife hands and open hand techniques. Previously this art form was used as a way of life for the people practicing karate. In recent times this ancient art form has remained as a practice, just for the sake of it. Karate is a combination of huge range of techniques which has now emerged as a mixture of other art forms too. Organizations training in karate form of martial art majorly practice the “kata†form of karate art. The term “kata†means shape or model emphasizing on various offensive and defensive postures. This is based on leg strength, posture and flexibility of the body. Institutes teach some techniques like throws, rarer locks ground works and grappling. Certain theories taught like yin yang, 5 element theory, nerve attack and pressure points ensures the victory of a minor attacker over a strong competitor.

While learning a martial art form, whether it is karate or something else, the requirement of martial art products like martial art clothing, martial art supplies and equipments are the major needs. This enhances the learning of the martial art in an effective way. Manufacturers of martial art products provides an extensive range of practice weapons, wooden and metal martial art weapon, books on martial arts, dvds and cds and also with a customized range of costumes. A martial art material manufacturer caters to the need of every martial art form including karate, kick, boxing, boxing, judo and many more. A karate organization or institution caters to the need of the students by supplying them with essential needed to learn the art form in an effective way.