Next Generation Korean Instructors Seminar PART 2


This is a series of seminars that will be presented by the leading Masters of ITF HQ Korea on a bi-monthly basis with the first seminar being given in February. The next seminar will take place on the 14th of April 2017 in the International Center of Excellence in Sejong City, the second capital city of South Korea. This time the seminar will introduce the Korean instructors to the Tul Tour participants from the UK to interact in this the second seminar that will focus on sparring in Taekwon-Do.

The seminar will be conducted by 3 masters who will cover the sparring aspects of Taekwon-Do. Master Zibby Kruk from Australia will present a PowerPoint presentation introducing the definition of sparring and types of sparring. Master Steve Weston, (the Chair of the Umpire Committee) also from Australia will take participants through the rules of ITF sport sparring. Finally, Master Raymond Gayle will take the participants through sport sparring drills.
The second part of the seminar will be designated to Self-defense. A distinguished guest, Grandmaster Hee Kwan Lee, the President of the Global Hapkido Association will be visiting ITF HQ Korea and will meet the Korean Instructors and the Tul Tour participants and will present a one and a half hour session covering self-defense techniques.
Registrations are open and for more information please contact us – email:; Telephone: 010-8429-0701 (English) or 010-4804-3375