New Council of Masters members appointed


ITF HQ Korea Council of Masters (CoM) is the highest decision making body in the Organization that aims to promote Taekwon-Do throughout the world and to lead the Taekwon-Do Movement. The composition of the Council should be 9 members however there have been 2 vacant positions with only 7 masters governing our Federation. We have many Masters and Grandmasters in the Federation and over the last year we have been monitoring the efforts and engagement in the promotion of Taekwon-Do, the Founder and our Federation. The outstanding performance of 2 of these masters has resulted in an invitation from the Council of Masters Board and the President to these two Masters to join the Council. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Master Lee Jong Mok from Japan and Master Michael Munyon from the USA have accepted the invitation for a position on the ITF HQ Korea Council of Masters.
Masters Munyon and Lee fulfill the position requirements and with their vigor and dedication definitely will enhance the standing and efficiency of our administration and promotion of the art.
We wish them great success in their new roles and an everlasting determination to build Taekwon-Do through the World, promote its values and the founder, General Choi Hong Hi, who devoted his entire life to provide this precious gift to the World community.