Master Passes Baton


Master class for fun before next generation takes the reins

Last night was a special night for me because I ran my last class before departing to live and work in South Korea at ITF HQ Korea for an extended period. I invited my students to come and join me in a class where I could just enjoy their company and pass the baton on to my capable black belts, two of whom were being presented with their 4th degree certificates that they passed in December 2016. The class itself was really just a chance for me to say goodbye for a while to the lovely group of people who have come to my dojang and trusted me to provide them with some self-defence skills and often improve their fitness.

I hope that they enjoyed the class as much as I did, and feel confident that I have left the school in good hands under the care of Wayne, Erik and Jason. My new adventure starts on Tuesday 28th March almost exactly 32 years after arriving in Tasmania for a new job. If my new role and location provides me half as much joy as my time in Tasmania has then I will be very happy. Remember it is always nice to see a familiar face in a new place, so if you want to come and see some of South Korea please do not hesitate to contact me.

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